A great start to a career in care

We’ve had some lovely feedback about one of our Ripon carers, Scarlett Chatten. Scarlett only began her career in care when she joined us in March after leaving her job at Tesco. Judging by the comment below, she is already a hit with our clients and their families!

“I recently met a young woman, whilst shopping for my mum. We struck up a conversation, and she asked me a few questions about mum.

“I was struck by her friendly enthusiasm when she told me that she worked as a carer and declared: ‘I absolutely love my job and helping my clients!’ As we parted ways, I thought how lucky her clients were.

“Imagine my surprise when, a few months later, she should turn up on my mum’s doorstep as her first community carer!

“She hasn’t disappointed in her enthusiasm and dedication, always bringing that bright smile with her. Thank you.”

Scarlett, who is also a student nurse, said: “I really love caring for all my clients. It makes me incredibly happy to know that I am making them feel supported and sparking happiness.

“I love this job as it is such a leap and bound from my previous employment, and my family at Continued Care never fail to make me feel supported and appreciated in everything I do.”

Regarding the lovely feedback about her, Scarlett said: “It is an honour to care for this lady. She is so very intelligent and has a beautiful temperament which never fails to ensure I’m always looking forward to seeing her when I see her on my rota for the day.”

Like Scarlett, many of our staff members have joined us after changing career to pursue a more rewarding role in social care. We recently wrote about Rob Ineichen, who came to Continued Care five years ago after taking a new direction in his work. You can read his story here.

If you are interested in making a difference to the lives of some of our community’s most vulnerable people, please get in touch. We offer full induction and training, as well as ongoing support with career development and further qualifications.

Contact Karla Bishop-Loach on 01765 699 086 for more details.

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