Electric bike provides pedal power for Ripon carer

One of our Ripon carers has become a cycling convert after taking charge of an electric bicycle to get around the city.

As a non-driver, Clementine Godwin started out walking to her appointments after joining Continued Care last month.

So she was delighted when we offered her the use of an electric bike from our pool of vehicles.

Clementine, who lives in the centre of Ripon, said: “The electric bike has made it so much easier to get around to my appointments. When I was walking, I’d always be worried about getting there on time, and then I’d arrive and be tired. It’s definitely improved my job and added more variety because I now get to see more people and travel a bit further to some of the villages around Ripon.”

Continued Care invested in the electric bikes in 2015, just before the Tour de Yorkshire arrived in Harrogate. Having navigated our way through heavier-than-normal traffic during the previous year’s Tour de France, we knew the bikes would be particularly useful in enabling our carers to whizz through the traffic jams when big events were being staged in the town.

As an eco-friendly alternative to cars, the bikes are also helping to play a part in Continued Care’s commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

We now have three bikes which are used by our home care staff in Harrogate, Ripon and Settle. The bikes help our carers to reach their appointments much quicker than by foot, meaning they can fit more into their schedule as well as visiting people who live further afield. And, because the electric bikes are powered by a rechargeable battery, our carers aren’t even out of breath when they arrive!

Clementine said: “I hadn’t been on a bike for years so I was a bit daunted when I got the electric bicycle. It’s quite different to riding a push bike so I went round my street on it for a bit to practise and get a feel for it! But now I’m used to it, it’s so much easier and I wouldn’t go back to walking.”

Clementine loves being out in the fresh air and said it’s nice when people greet her as she cycles past: “Because I’ve got the uniform on, people are so appreciative anyway, but being on the bike means I now get recognised by the cycling community too!”

If you see Clementine travelling around Ripon on her electric bike, be sure to give her a wave!

We currently have vacancies for home care staff who are drivers and non-drivers in Harrogate, Ripon, Thirsk and Settle. Contact Mike Herrington on 01423 871 003 for details.

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