Meet our long-serving staff: Lynda Parker

“Continued Care are a very good company to work for”

We begin a new series of blogs introducing some of our fantastic team who have been with us for more than a decade.

Kicking off the series is Lynda Parker, our longest-serving carer across all branches with 22 years working for Continued Care under her belt.

Lynda joined us in 2000 after being invited to apply for a job by our associate director, Helen Walker, who she has known for around 50 years.

Lynda and Helen had been working together in the office at Terry’s of York but were both made redundant. Helen began working at Continued Care with her sister Christine Mitchell, who founded the company back in 1993.

Lynda, meanwhile, had started a temping job in an office. And when Christine asked her if she’d like an office-based role with Continued Care, she was delighted to accept.

But after five years in the office, Lynda realised she had gone as far as she wanted to with her role. However, having got to know the home carers and seen what their job entailed, she decided to leave her desk behind and join our home care team.

That was 17 years ago and Lynda hasn’t looked back. She now works as a home carer covering Harrogate and Knaresborough.

Lynda says: “I find care work rewarding as you are helping people to live independently on their own. For some clients, particularly those whose family live away, we are the only people they see all day.

“I like the variety of the job; there are never two days the same. And although it can be quite physically demanding, it’s nothing I can’t manage.

“I also enjoy the relationship you develop with clients. There are a handful of people I’ve been working with for 15 or 16 years, and we’ve got to know each other so well to the point that we send each other birthday cards.”

Lynda says she has seen carers come and go over the last two decades, with many going on to pursue related careers such as nursing. Others, she says, leave and then come back again. And then there are those, like her, who stay longer, some for decades.

She thinks one of the reasons for Continued Care’s higher than average staff retention rate is the ongoing professional development they offer. Every member of their team is given a variety of opportunities to progress their careers in social care. Aside from the continuous training they receive, staff can also pursue additional qualifications if they want to. There is also the chance to climb the ladder within the company, with opportunities for people to take on more responsibility and management roles.

Lynda says: “Continued Care are a very good company to work for. I did my Level 2 and 3 diplomas and that was enough for me, but some people go on to higher levels and management. It’s great that there is the opportunity to do that here.”

Looking back over the past 22 years, Lynda can’t think of much that has changed in her role – except, of course, the challenges of the last two years. But she has taken it all in her stride and continued to focus on what she enjoys – caring for her clients.

“The pandemic has been challenging, but wearing masks and PPE doesn’t bother me at all,” she says.

Lynda turns 66 in June but says she has no intention of giving up her job – although she may start taking it a bit easier at some point.

She adds: “I’m 66 in June and I can’t imagine leaving the job any time soon. I might wind down gradually but I enjoy it too much and I don’t know what I’d do if I wasn’t working. I’d be bored stiff!”

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