Retaining Investors in People Gold for the third time

We’re thrilled to be recognised as a great place to work after being awarded the prestigious Investors in People Gold (IiP Gold) standard for the third consecutive time.

The accreditation underlines our credentials as one of the best home care employers in Harrogate and the wider area. It comes just a couple of months after we were named Best Home Care Employer at the regional Great British Care Awards.

The IiP standard is given to organisations that demonstrate they are highly effective at leading, supporting, developing and managing their people to achieve business success.

Just 15% of all UK organisations achieve the IiP Gold standard, so we are delighted that Continued Care has been awarded it three times running. We were first awarded IiP Gold in 2014 and then in 2016, before receiving it again in January this year.

In an industry where employee recruitment and retention are notoriously difficult, we are proud to be recognised as an outstanding employer. We understand the importance of ensuring our people are happy at work and feel confident in their role, so we offer support, recognition and career development opportunities to all.

Continued Care’s director, Samantha Harrison, said: “Without our people, we wouldn’t be able to deliver continuously high standards of care to our clients. They are the reason we continue to achieve growth and success. This is why we are committed to ensuring that our staff feel happy and supported at work, and that our company maintains a culture of openness and respect to ensure everybody reaches their potential.

“Working in the care sector can be both challenging and rewarding, and every single person who works for us is fantastic at what they do and dedicated to helping achieve the very best outcomes for our clients. We are so grateful to them all, and very proud of our team.”

We support and develop our staff in a number of ways, including through a comprehensive induction programme and Continuing Professional Development (CPD), wellbeing initiatives such as free gym classes, employee rewards, and social events.

Samantha added: “We are always looking for new staff to join our friendly team of carers, and retaining the IiP Gold standard means people can be confident that we are a great company to work for.”

About Investors in People (IiP)

The IiP standard is held by more than 10,000 organisations in 70 countries across the world. Assessment takes place every three years and uses rigorous methodology and frameworks to gauge an organisation’s approach to managing, leading, supporting, managing and investing in its people. It aligns this with its success in achieving profitable and sustainable results overall.

To attain IiP Gold, organisations are assessed according to three key principles of leading, supporting and improving.

Investors in People’s report on Continued Care

The assessment was carried out in January 2020. It was based on an online survey of all staff and managers, confidential interviews with staff across different roles within the company, documentation and other relevant information.

The assessor found that Continued Care’s employees have high levels of job satisfaction. Most people cited the excellent opportunities for learning, personal development and progression.

He said: “Without exception all the people I met during the discussions clearly indicated they are proud to work for Continued Care and believe the organisation is a great place to work.”

He also pointed out staff recognised that the company’s rates of pay are very competitive and that for most people surveyed, pay was not their primary motivation for working in the sector.

His report says: “The fact that leaders have created a working environment and culture that is supportive, developmental and motivating is clearly impacting on how people feel and therefore impacting positively on their behaviours, motivation and performance.”

Respondents to the online staff survey were very positive about Continued Care’s values and behaviours. They also rated the organisation highly regarding employee involvement and empowerment.

The report says: “Empowering people to make decisions is directly related to positive leadership behaviours and clear organisational values. People could provide many examples including carers, many of whom feel trusted and empowered and supported to make decisions in the knowledge also that support is always available if and when needed.”

The report continues: “Most people interviewed during the on site visit indicated that they felt valued and recognised for the contribution they make both by colleagues and their managers.”

The online responses included:

  • 90% said Continued Care is a great place to work
  • 96% “trust leaders in the organisation”
  • 92% agreed “leaders clearly communicate organisational vision and objectives”
  • 94% believed Continued Care has clear values
  • 97% “share the same values as the organisation”
  • 97% felt “encouraged to take the initiative in their role”
  • 97% are “trusted to make decision in their role”
  • 90% “are encouraged to achieve high performance”
  • 95% said “Roles are structured to enable people to work well together”
  • 94% said “Role allows me to develop the skills to progress”
  • 98% said “My work is interesting”
  • 97% agreed “I have the right level of responsibility to do my job effectively”
  • 93% “have opportunities to learn at work”

To find out about jobs with Continued Care across Harrogate, Knaresborough, Ripon, Thirsk and Settle, please contact us on 01423 871 003.

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