Retro car provides a trip down memory lane

Following on from our earlier post about Rob Ineichen celebrating five years with Continued Care, we thought we’d share this story which highlights what a thoughtful carer he is.

You may have seen Rob driving around in his classic 1972 Vauxhall Viva. He’s been a fan of modified and classic cars since he was a teenager, and previously owned a rare Nissan 100 NX.

When he saw the Vauxhall Viva advertised on Facebook, he was keen to buy it because this was the make that had got him into cars in the first place. However, the owner had kept it in their garage for a long time and the car hadn’t been run for about ten years. The brakes were seized up, the engine didn’t run, and there were lots of other things that didn’t work.

But that didn’t put Rob off. It took him six months to tinker with it and get it up and running again.

Unsurprisingly, the car has been a source of great interest to the people he cares for. He’s talked to them throughout the various stages of buying it, working on it and bringing it back to life.

So Rob had the idea of driving the car around to his clients to show it off to them. Obviously, with the lockdown restrictions in place, they were not able to leave the house and go up to the car, so Rob has been pulling up as close to their homes as possible and giving it a rev.

It’s brought back lots of fond memories for many of our service users. For some, the Vauxhall Viva was their first car, while others can remember their dad having one.

With a manual choke and power steering, the car is apparently quite fun to drive around in, and Rob is hoping he might be able to take some of our clients out for a spin one day. Until then, it’s certainly brightened our clients’ days during lockdown and brought a smile to their faces.

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