Why I love working in care: Davena Fraser

There are many reasons why working in care can offer a rewarding career. Here, Davena Fraser, one of our Assistant Principal Carers at Continued Care, talks about her experiences.

Before I came to Continued Care I had previously taken a completely different career path.

I began working as a legal secretary at age 18 and quickly progressed to legal assistant specialising in property law. My career was well established, the hours were sociable and I received a fairly decent salary. Sounds perfect for some, but for me something was missing, I didn’t feel fulfilled and longed for an occupation where I could fundamentally make a difference to people’s lives.

As a child I dreamt of becoming a nurse but an earlier path had not taken me down that route, I had no nursing qualifications and as I have a young family returning to University was not an option. As my family grew and became more independent I started to actively seek a change.

I had seen a variety of care opportunities advertised locally but Continued Care stood out to me in particular as they had received awards for best employer and the training they offered appealed to me as I had no formal qualifications in the care sector. I felt so passionate about making the change that I decided to take the leap, arranged an interview and was subsequently offered a position.

Taking that leap into the unknown was a huge career gamble but one that I am so glad I did. I am no longer tied to the office 9-5 for my desk is now in people’s homes and for the first time I now know what real job satisfaction is. Knowing I have made such a huge difference to someone’s daily life is so rewarding, whether that be assisting with personal care, assisting with household tasks, preparing a meal or merely providing companionship by having a chat and a cup of tea with someone for whom you may be their only visitor.  

Since joining Continued Care I have received some excellent training to guide me in my role, I have been fully guided and supported to achieve formal qualifications and have been given an opportunity to further my career by receiving promotion. I have received some excellent feedback from service users and colleagues and this has proven to me that I have made the very best decision.

I came into this career for the right reasons having a passion for helping people and every day I return to my family with a huge smile on my face knowing that I have ultimately achieved what I intended, to support others to live their life to the full and make a real difference. It is not the highest paid career but what it lacks in salary it compensates for in job satisfaction and for me that is immeasurable. 

It is a cliche but I can now say, I love my job.

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