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How to access care

Staying at home

We realise you want to stay at home for as long as possible. The following information gives you some information about the support available to you in your home.

We can make a referral on your behalf for a full assessment by social services.

If you need to contact someone to ask for help and support for the first time you will be asked to complete a care and support initial assessment, this will asks questions about your situation. To complete the assessment you will need to contact the Local Authority on 01609 780780.

The assessment will give you a chance to talk to a Social Care professional about what a good life looks like for you and your family. Your independence will be promoted and your outcomes from support will be addressed with you. This assessment can take place at home, but can also take place at the hospital or a relative’s home.

Once you have established your care and support needs – you will need to be aware that most people will have to pay or contribute something towards the cost of their care:


How much will you pay?

The amount you pay for other support services will be calculated from your financial assessment.

You will be asked to pay the full cost of support if:

  • Your capital is over £23,250
  • You decline to discuss your financial circumstances
  • You refuse to sign the financial assessment form
How to calculate how much you will need to pay?

To work out how much you will need to contribute the Local Authority will carry out a financial assessment, sometimes refer to as a ‘means test’. A specialist and assessments officer will visit your home, you can arrange for someone to be with you when the assessment is being completed.

The officer will ask you to give details of your income, outgoings and capitals – income may include retirement pensions, private pensions, disability benefits and any investments. Outgoings could be money going out, eg rent, mortgage, council tax and bills – evidence of these costs will need to be seen. By capital they will look at the money that you have eg in the bank, in the building society, shares, investments or any equity in your home.

The benefits and assessment officer will then use all these details obtained to work out your accessible income and in turn the amount of money that your have to pay for services.

How do you pay for your care?

You will be sent an invoice every four weeks for the services you have received. Charges are usually six weeks behind. The dates will be printed on your invoice so you can follow this as required.

Tel: 01423 871003


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