What people say about our care

My name is Robert I suffer from cerebral palsy and a very severe neurological syndrome. I have been receiving care from continued care for approximately four months, previously I have had many care companies that have not been right for me.
I live on my own quite independently, however this would not be possible without my visits four times a day from my care team. Performing tasks such as delivering personal care, meal preparation, medical needs, support out in the community and generally checking on my well-being.


An individual care plan was designed by my care manager who was extremely keen to involve me in a very detailed plan. This can be easily updated and reviewed at any time by care staff myself and my therapy team.
Since having Continued Care I have felt at the centre of my care package, the management team and the care staff have put me in the centre of all my care.
One of the things that really stands out with Continued Care is their passion to ensure the clients live a better quality of life.
Communication between me, care. staff and management seems to work seamlessly which means I only have to tell one person within the company and if they feel it’s necessary They can alert relevant members of staff, this means I do not have to keep repeating myself.
Over the last few months Continued Care have grown to know my personality which enables them to match my personality, with their current staff giving me a consistent number of carers that I feel comfortable, safe and happy that all my needs will be met.
I originally come from Stevenage and have many friends that travel from surrounding areas to come to visit me here in Harrogate. It is always humbling to hear them say that I have blossomed with smiles and laughter even though they know that I am in an incredible amount of pain. Of course I have managed to deal with the pain myself this is due to the tremendous work that Continued Care do for me on a day-to-day basis.
I need to care live and Continued Care Live to care – From a client who we support with a complex package of care, including companionship, personal care and moving and handling support.
Continued Care came to my rescue when I was planning a four-day holiday earlier this year. My 90-year-old mother lives with me and I was very anxious about what arrangements to make for her care while I was away. She was also concerned about who would be coming into the house but Sam and her team soon put us both at ease.
Sam came to meet my mother and me well before my holiday and advised me about how best to proceed. She also listened to what my mother and I wanted. The result was that when I went away I was confident that my mother was in good hands. That was a real weight off my mind. I can thoroughly recommend Continued Care – From a private clients son who we provide holiday support for.

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I am the sister of a young man who after suffering a  serious neck injury and being unable to cope at home ended up in an acute setting and then a care home  setting for a few months.

-- From the sister of a client who we support 4 times a day with a complex package of care


My brother’s only wish was to go home, albeit he was now immobile and confined to bed for the immediate future. Whilst he was comfortable in the care home setting, he was desperate to get home to the house he had grown up in and lived in most of his life.  My husband and I saw him sink into bouts of depression as he felt as time went on that he was never going to get home. This of course caused great worry and stress to the family.

In order for him to go home a Best Interest meeting was held with Social and Health and Continued Care attended. It was agreed with Continued Care’s support and the appropriate package of care he was able to go home for a trial period, which if successful would be long term.  I would add that it was felt by Health Experts that due to his previous issues this package of care would not be successful and he would end up back in a Care Home Environment, within a short space of time, which neither he nor the family wanted.

My brother went home with a package of care from Continued Care and has now been home for a few months.   I have also been advised by both Social Services and Health that the care my brother has received and continues to receive is excellent and that this means that he can remain in the home environment. Health were visiting weekly, initially, as they were anticipating due to his previous history that he would not be able to cope at home.  Their visits have now reduced quite significantly.

My brother has four calls a day every day and is thriving at home, and this has been commented on by his Social Worker. Whilst he is still house bound at the moment, he is much happier as he is home.  Continued Care are always looking forward with him and giving him goals to aim for which has made a massive difference to his life.

The carers are super with him, very kind and caring and supportive. Continued Care has not only been supportive to my brother but also to myself and my family.  Continued Care , from management down and carers ensure that we as a family are kept up to speed at all times; we are contacted if there is the slightest concern or if his needs change at all. Continued Care have supported my brother when he has needed assessing at home for chairs, wheelchairs, etc.

Continued Care support to  the family is amazing, prior to their involvement I struggled to find family members or friends to support him when my husband and I wanted to go away for even a couple of days.  Now if we go away we have a support network in Continued Care and can book shopping calls, extra pop in calls, if required, which means we can go away without having to worry at all. We actually managed our first two weeks away in ages recently without any stress or worry.

Having Continued Care in our lives has made such a difference, we are now able to support my brother and care for him as a sibling, and not untrained carers, who didn’t always get it right or know what to do. Personally I was worn out both mentally and physically. The peace of mind and release that this has given to me and my husband is amazing.   Peace of mind if something money can’t buy and Continued Care have given this to myself and my husband after many years of worry. Continued Care have gone over and above and have proved that care is not just about the person they are providing care for but support for the whole family as well. Continued Care is a Family business that cares about Families. Thank you for all you do.

I would like to commend the excellent domestic service that Lynda has provided over several years. She has been totally trustworthy, a reliable and friendly support, especially following several operations that I have had and appreciate the high standards of Continued Care.

-- From a client who we support with a weekly cleaning call

The carer has helped me over and above. She has done things for me that I can’t. She is wonderful. I look forward to her visit. She is worth an award. She is excellent and caring

Keep doing excellent genuine care. Compassionate, gentle, friendly and dignified. Thank you

Over the last few months Continued Care have grown to know my personality which enables them to match my personality, with their current staff giving me a consistent number of carers that I feel comfortable, safe and happy that all my needs will be met.