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Peace of mind about your loved one’s home care

When someone you love is being looked after by a home care company, you can sometimes feel a bit out of the loop with their daily lives.

You may wonder if the care provided to your loved one is being kept up-to-date according to their changing needs. Maybe you are worried whether their personal wishes are being listened to. Or you would simply like reassurance that they are receiving the kindest care possible. It can be particularly difficult if you live further away and can’t visit as often as you’d like.

At Continued Care, our person-centred approach means we always have at our core the best interests of the people we look after. A vital part of this is supporting and communicating effectively with their families and friends. We know how important it is to be open, transparent and available should they need to know anything about the care we are providing.

The Birdie app

Over three decades in business, we have made use of the latest technology to enhance our business and services. As part of our aim to support and reassure the families we work with, we have recently invested in a new app that makes it easy for us to share care information.

Called Birdie, the app is free to download and gives you peace of mind that your loved one is being cared for as you would expect. You can access it on your mobile phone, even from abroad, and with the click of a button see how your loved one is feeling that day.

Birdie allows us to manage and record all our carers’ visits to your loved one. We maintain an up-to-date summary of their needs, and ensure there is a clear log of their care for any healthcare professionals who may need it.

With the permission of the people who uses our services, we share this information with their family and friends. The Birdie app enables you to see, in real time, clear updates about the care that is being provided to your loved one, such as:

  • Which medications have been administered – including ones that may have been refused or not taken, along with the reason why
  • Care notes from visits that help you to understand a better picture of what’s happening day-to-day
  • A broader overview of your loved one’s wellbeing over time, so you can track any changes and stay-on-top of any concerns

person using birdie app for peace of mind about home care

Live updates for peace of mind

The Birdie app is an invaluable resource for keeping you included and involved in your family member’s care. At the tap of a button you can view transparent, live updates, and know exactly what care has been delivered to your loved one. If you have any concerns, you can then reach out to us directly.

Birdie is free and has been specifically developed for use by care organisations. It therefore equips us with the essential digital tools we need to manage and grow our service, and to deliver outstanding care.

The app keeps all personal information safe and secure. It is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations and Data Protection Act 2018 which ensures that all your personal information is protected, handled and stored correctly.

What people say about Birdie

Many family and friends of the people who use our services have already signed up to the Birdie app. We have received extremely positive feedback about their experience, with many telling us how informative and reassuring they find it. It’s particularly valuable for those who live further away and rely on us to provide a caring and professional service.

Here is what family members of two of the people who use our services had to say:

“A useful resource”

“I live 7 hours’ drive from my elderly Mum and find the Birdie app invaluable as a way of knowing that she is being well cared for by the Continued Care team.

“The app allows me to check in to see the carers’ notes detailing what care has been delivered, whether that be meals provided, medication administered, or personal care undertaken. The notes also give a sense of my Mum’s mood – whether she’s happy, grumpy, chatty or quiet.

“The notes are good for identifying early, any issues of concern, so I know to follow up with a call to the care manager or other health professionals looking after my Mum.

“Overall, the app is a useful resource in helping me to co-ordinate my Mum’s health and social care from a distance. It’s of great practical use and provides peace of mind that my Mum is receiving the care she needs.”

“Close communications”

“On behalf of my Mother Continued Care continues to provide a great service. They are reliable, efficient, and kind to Mum. They complete all tasks within amazing times and their App plus regular texts/calls retain close communications. I have no complaints. They drop in to provide occasional evening care when needed.

Get the Birdie app

To access the Birdie family app, please call us on 01423 871 003 or email We can talk you through how to download and use it, and discuss any queries you may have.

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