Welcoming new faces to our home care team

It’s been lovely to welcome some new staff members to our home care team recently. Some of them have a background in care already, while others have changed their career to start working in care. Let’s meet them!


  • Sara Temporal is a mother of four who has worked in an office environment for most of her life. She joined Continued Care a few years ago after deciding she wanted a career change. She then left us to follow a path into nursing but unfortunately a change of circumstances meant she was unable to continue with her studies. We are delighted to have her back, and the feeling is mutual! Sara says she loves looking after people and finds her role very rewarding, knowing that she has helped and made a difference.
  • Becky Cooper has also changed her career to join Continued Care. After 17 years in banking followed by nearly a decade in hospitality management, Becky decided to pursue a role in community care after seeing her nearest and dearest get older and become more reliant on others. Becky says she likes to challenge herself and is finding her new role very rewarding.
  • Kinga Szekely was born in Transylvania, Romania, and lived in Italy for 15 years before moving to England six months ago. In Italy, Kinga worked with one-to-one care for the first time and was looking for the opportunity to work in care again here. Although community care is a bit different to her previous roles, she says she is looking forward to the challenge. In her spare time she loves cooking, nature walks, and being the best Mum possible to her 12-year-old son.
  • Kate Baudach has joined us after working in the hospitality sector for her entire working life. After the struggles of the global pandemic, Kate felt a need to re-evaluate her career choices from both a financial and personal fulfilment point of view. As a parent of two young children, flexibility was always her key concern when committing to any role so she needed a job that would work around her family commitments. A few months ago she decided to leave hospitality and try working in the community social care environment. Kate says that after just a few weeks she knew she had made the right decision. She says the work can be challenging but that the fulfilment she feels at the end of the working day is something she has never felt in any of her roles before. Kate says: “You make a real difference to someone’s life. You feel the gratitude and the appreciation, and this makes it all worthwhile.” 
Our new starters in Harrogate, from left, Sara, Becky, Kinga and Kate.


  • When Janet Bettridge lost her office job because of the effects of Covid-19, she decided to take stock of her life and really think about what kind of work she wanted to do. She’d spent more than 30 years working in offices and had never considered a career in care. Despite looking after family members who were terminally ill, she had no professional care experience so didn’t think it was the job for her. But she decided to make the change and give it a go, and has been enjoying getting to know everyone here and meeting our clients.
  • Dita Phillips is originally from Latvia but has been living in England for nearly 10 years and says she loves everything about this country. She hasn’t worked in care before but is looking forward to her new role as she likes caring for other people and making them happy.
  • Also new to care is Andrew Thorpe, who has changed career after owning a courier business for the past seven years and, before that, working as a police officer. Andrew’s mum died of cancer in March this year and he felt he wanted to change the bereavement of the loss into something positive by becoming a carer. He says he is looking forward to a rewarding career with Continued Care. In his spare time, Andrew likes crime novels, drum and bass, and spicy food.
Pictured from left are our new starters in Ripon,
Janet, Dita and Andrew.


  • Alex de Boucherville is from South Africa and has personal experience in care. He says he is looking forward to working for Continued Care.
Alex, our new starter in Settle.

A very warm welcome to all our new staff!

As a company, Continued Care believes in helping every single member of our team to develop a rewarding and long-lasting career in social care. We are an award-winning employer rated Outstanding by the CQC. We offer full induction for all our new starters, as well as free training to NVQ levels 2 and 3.

If you are thinking about a change of career, or are already working in care and would like to be part of our amazing team, please get in touch with Mike on 01423 871 003 or email mike.

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