Overwhelmed by your kindness and support

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been overwhelmed with acts of kindness and support from everyone within the Continued Care community.

The care for others, compassion, selflessness and dedication we’ve seen has been truly humbling and uplifting. Everyone has come together to help each other and enable us to maintain our services for those who rely on them.

Despite the pressures that they themselves are under, our carers have been on the front line risking their own health to continue working. Our management team have been trying hard to pass on information to all our staff and help them in any way we can. The care and support we are seeing each day, as well as the happiness and laughter, is astounding.

What has really amazed us is how everyone has gone above and beyond their usual role during this time of extra need. We have been inundated with offers of additional support from our carers, and many of them have initiated activities to help our service users. Our staff, their families and friends have been helping each other in lots of ways, from buying shopping to making a phone call checking up on someone.

The kindness and support we have received from our wider community has also been truly incredible. We’ve been contacted by carers who have worked for us previously, including one who is now at university, all offering to come back and help during this challenging time. We’ve had messages of support from people we know through our sponsorship of various community groups, with several offers of help to deliver food or other items to our clients. Even our insurance company broker has offered to drive staff around!

Everyone working in health and social care is doing amazing things for each other and putting other people’s needs before their own. We’re grateful to all the frontline workers, paramedics, hospital staff and community staff, as well as the teachers who provide vital support to enable parents to continue working in health and social care. Without the schools remaining open to children of key workers, we would certainly have seen a drop-off in our staff numbers at Continued Care.

The current crisis is unprecedented for all of us. We are exceptionally proud of all our staff and couldn’t be more grateful to our wider community of family and friends for their support and kindness during this challenging time.

If we look after each other we’ll be strong enough, both physically and mentally, to ensure we can continue to help those in need within our community.

Thank you to you all.


  • Jen Dent Posted March 23, 2020 5:15 pm

    Despite the challenges you are facing you are still providing an excellent service. As l am totaly dependant on you its much appreciated and valued.

    • The Continued Care Team Posted March 23, 2020 6:29 pm

      Thank you Jenny, it’s a team effort and everyone is being amazing!

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